Driftwood, white Scottish marble pebble, limestone pebbles, bone, steel nails, sandstone

Approximate dimensions
Height 60 cm
Width 45 cm
Depth 24 cm

February 2017

‘Peace’ is a sculpture made as an antidote to Brexit and Donald Trump. As a European living in England, I was emotionally hurt by the Brexit politics. Wanting to protect nature I also feared for the future because of the damage the climate crisis denier and profit driven Donald Trump could inflict on all the projects to save our natural world. 

The white colour of this piece of drift wood evoked the white flag of peace in me. The shape suggested a cockerel which is marching forward on its claws out of metal and bone on its white plinth. It is crowing out loudly that it is time for Peace!

The five white pebbles of the crown were found by my pupils in the school playground and payment was one gummy bear per stone!