Fishing rope and netting, driftwood, shells, slate, sea glass and fishing line

I found two semi-circular branches which reminded me of the rainbow we saw over our cottage when we went to Coigach for the first time.  It was a life changing event and an overwhelming feeling of awe.  I wanted to document this important moment in my life with this sculpture.  The colour is provided by all the beach finds of fishing paraphernalia, which I carefully unknotted, straightened and which were washed by my husband.  The central piece of wood has a magic smile and the four periwinkle shells represent my family.  We have been so happy there. However, rainbows only exist where there is rain and this is represented by the sea glass and the slate drops from Devon.

Spring 2014

Approximate dimensions (cm) H60 W90 D7.5

£ Not for Sale