Eye of the Storm

Mountain juniper wood, feathers, cotton material, cockle shells, glass

This sculpture developed over a long time and started with the Touchling 2 sculpture. I felt that the ball of shells would be the perfect frame for an important centrepiece. I also repurposed a feather hat decoration which was a perfect contrast to the hard shells. I tailored it into a detachable surround, like a nest for the ball of shells. The perfect eye for my sculpture, a marble, turned up in a dusty box in a shop in Tokyo! It is still a miracle to me that the marble fitted perfectly into the centre and is now clicked into its place for good. The strong movement of the feather ball required a lively plinth. The fir tree tangle from Conival with its directional spurs supports it perfectly.

2020 – 2021

Approximate dimensions (cm) H21 W46 D22