Symbiosis 1

Beechwood, black granite, acrylic paint

The curve of the bulbous burl around the centre opening ends in a sharp spike. This is in strong contrast to the smooth rounded pebble safely nestling just above it.  In the lower part of the sculpture the wood reveals a line of dark patches, like a punctuation in order to emphasize the irregular shapes and patches above. The black acrylic paint covers the less expressive areas and allows the special features to stand out.  

Symbiosis 1 and 2.
Both pieces of wood were found on a walk with my husband in Savernake Forest in Wiltshire in 2018. We were talking about relationship issues and the sunny bright day made it all much more easy to find solutions and a positive outlook for the future.
 Life is like a wave that comes over us and we have to swim and paddle and crawl and sometimes float with the current. Both pieces are based on this observation and were finished in 2020.

2018 – 2020

Approximate dimensions (cm) H29 W8 D7