The Elements

Driftwood, alabaster, flint, murex shell

This sculpture links to Soaring 2 in as much as it again raises the question, what came first, egg or bird? I had found the branch in Scotland and was looking to give it an important role in a sculpture, as it was so beautiful to me. About the same time I discovered the alabaster egg in the Post Office in Ullapool. Not the typical place for purchasing items like this!

It was on the spur of a moment that I combined the egg with the branch and found them in harmony. In order to ground the ‘tree’ I needed a solid base. This was actually found in the brook running through Thorngrove School by one of my pupils. I had asked them to bring me stones with holes to trade for gummi bears because I was planning a sculpture with natural beads. To me, the egg symbolised the element air, the base – the earth and the shell – water.

Winter 2018

Approximate dimensions (cm) H42 W26 D14