The Harp

Caledonian pine driftwood, granite, flint, wire, nails, gold leaf

This piece of driftwood is the largest I have worked with so far. It was found in a loch by the side of the road to our favourite place on the West Coast of Scotland. I had seen pieces there before whilst driving by and was on the lookout when I spotted it in the distance. I remember rushing over uneven ground, stumbling over heather bushes, sinking into mud and crumpling under the weight of it – but I had to have it! To this day I don’t know how I managed. Fortunately my husband helped me once I got to the road and later, when it came to mounting the piece, Diccon Dadey manufactured the stand for me. The wind can glide through the ‘strings’, the stones can become sliders, and the golden stone the tree grew around is a treasure. A journey of discovering shape and texture leads to the colour turquoise and the golden heart of the tree harp.

Approximate dimensions (cm) H169 W88 D48