Touchling 1


Cockle shells, fishing rope

This ball of cockle shells has been a dream of mine since childhood. I have always wanted to find enough shells to build a ring and I finally found them on a beach at Cadgwith Cove near the Lizard in Cornwall. We were staying at the hotel there for our anniversary and were totally surprised when they served Chateaubriand in the evening, which was our original wedding breakfast. On the evening walk along the beach I found a pile of discarded shells behind a fish shop. These had been smoothed over for a while by the other pebbles and the sea but there were just enough to form this ball which is a lovely item to hold in your hands. The tactile satisfaction of the rough and the smooth, the cold temperature, the weight and the perfect size for adult hands is just very satisfying.

Approximate dimensions (cm) H7 W10 D10

Winter 2020

£ Not for Sale