Ying and Yang


Flotsam polymer conglomerate, recycled metal stand, ammonite, granite pebble, flint pebble, amethyst crystal, turquoise stones, rusty nails

I found this piece of flotsam at the West Coast of Scotland. It stood out from far with its beautiful colouring, many of which are my favourites in nature like the autumnal tan and moss green, burnt siena and dove grey. The round shape suggested that it was formed in a large metal container. I was surprised to find that the other side was scarred and burnt looking like a rough lava landscape after a volcanic eruption. Both sides of life, one beautiful with life in colour and smooth pebbles, and the other beautiful in rough texture with the crystals growing out of the ‘lava’. 

Spring 2018

Approximate dimensions (cm) H34 W25 D14