Pearls of Wisdom

Pine, oak, iron chain, flint, granite, sisal string, nylon fishing line, gold leaf

Pearls of Wisdom has been planned in my head for many years. I collected hag stones for as long as I can remember and wanted to string them up like pearls to highlight how much history they have been through and for us to give respect to developments of nature. When I finally found the impressive piece of pine on a dog walk I knew immediately how to turn my idea into reality. The rusty chain from Scotland is stabilising the beads which are swinging freely from the top and the heavy ones are nesting around the base of the wooden wing. This is seated in a piece of oak bannister recycled from our house. My husband used his excellent carpentry skills and a lot of patience to create this wonderful stepped base for it.

2022 – 2023

Approximate dimensions (cm) H171 W50 D50

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